Can Chiropractic Help With Pregnancy?

By Dr. Jessica Eliason

Pregnancy is such a crazy, fun, wonderful time! It is not without its fair share of challenges, however, and there is so much information out there. Here is what I have been doing to keep myself and Baby Eliason healthy through his arrival this July!

Dr. Brittany Schmidt helps keep me and Baby E healthy! 🙂

: Growing a person is hard work, and it’s so important for both mom and baby to get the adequate nutrition we need. In addition to Vitamin D this winter, I have loved using the Wellness Essentials Pregnancy daily packets from Metagenics (we can order these for you! Just call us). In each packet is:

Advanced Prenatal: This little powerhouse is complete with plenty of folate. This helps prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, and promotes overall nerve health.
OmegaGenics: Fish oils are important for proper brain and eye development in babies, and can also help mom with dry eye, a common pregnancy complaint.
Choline: Choline is another nutrient that helps with proper brain and nervous system development. Did you know eggs are also a great source of this?
Calcium/Magnesium: Calcium and magnesium help strengthen baby’s developing bones. It is important to get adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium because baby will utilize what he or she needs from mom’s system if they are not provided with enough.


Exercise: Typically, exercise you were doing before pregnancy is safe to continue during pregnancy. There are always exceptions to this, and always instances where modification needs to be made. I have been rock climbing for years, so I have continued this into my pregnancy. I modify my climbing as to not take any unnecessary risks, and have been climbing at an easier level than prior to pregnancy. I also do prenatal yoga. I am looking forward to some pool time this summer, too! I have had my fair share of back pain with this pregnancy, and one of the times I feel best is when I am active. It can feel daunting when you are tired and sore, but being active is one of the best things you can do for you and your little one. Even a short walk is beneficial! If you’re looking to be more active during pregnancy, it is wise to consult with your medical provider.

Body Work: I practice what I preach, and I know I would not have been able to be as active as I am without regular chiropractic care. Weeks 20 and 21 were the most challenging for me (so far!), and I leaned heavily on my wonderful colleagues during that time. I believe I was adjusted 2-3 times per week in that time period, as it is not uncommon to have periods where more chiropractic care is necessary. I also found relief from kineosiotape, especially to support my growing baby belly! I have also found relief from massage (Megan and Marguerite both offer prenatal massage), and you had better believe I will be using acupuncture as my spring allergies crop up, as it is such a great alternative to pharmaceuticals when you are trying to watch what you take in.

Mental Health: Yoga and acupuncture help me a lot with this piece. As I stated earlier, growing a person is hard work, both physically and mentally! I also make sure to take advantage of any down time I have to take a moment and breathe. There are so many great supportive blogs and articles. It’s important to remember that billions of women have done this, and you can too! It is also important to lean on your support systems, such as your partner, friends/family, and healthcare providers. If the anxiety is still too much, or you begin feeling depressed (which is SO MUCH more common than people think!), there is absolutely no shame in seeking out a caring, pregnancy-centered therapist. Ask your chiropractor if you need a referral.

It has been so fun to be pregnant at such a family-positive clinic. Here at Langford and Karls Chiropractic, we love supporting moms and babies through their pregnancies and beyond!


Thank you for reading,

Dr. Jessica and Baby Eliason