Nutrition and Functional Medicine

We are now offering Nutritional Coaching and Functional Lab testing with Dr. Brittany Schmidt! 
If you are looking for ways to live a healthier life or want to learn more about nutrition give our office a call to schedule a consult with Dr. Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt has her Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition and will help you set goals that are meaningful for you and also attainable!

Dr. Schmidt’s expertise in clinical nutrition is similar to what some may call functional medicine. Dr. Schmidt also has continuing education training in functional lab testing. Dr. Schmidt uses this knowledge alongside  her chiropractic care, to help with symptoms like fatigue, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weight gain, and more. Her functional lab testing is comprehensive and often very telling and empowering for the patient. Hormonal testing, adrenal stress testing, food sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing, and more is also available.

“Nutrition is complex and trying to figure out how to ‘eat right’ can be overwhelming for many. I’m excited to show you that nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult, with the right guidance you can learn how to make simple and balanced choices that can empower you to live a healthier life.” -Dr. Schmidt

We want all of our patients to have access to nutritional coaching so we have made it affordable. Call the office for pricing and more information. This service is open to current chiropractic patients as well as new patients that are looking for chiropractic and nutrition care.

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