Wellness Essentials: A Convenient Way To Get Your Daily Nutrition

Wellness Essentials – 10% off through the end of January!

The supplement of the month for January is multivitamins, because we feel it’s important to start the New Year right! This year, the discount on multivitamins extends to the Wellness Essentials line by Metagenics, because balanced nutrition is so important! These boxes are 10% off through the month of January, which is an amazing deal!

What is Wellness Essentials, you may be wondering? It is a month’s worth of convenient daily packets. Each contains a multivitamin and omega-3 (fish oil) supplement, but there are seven specialized boxes to choose from, depending on your needs! They are typically from about $43-$65 per box (30 count), which may seem steep, but is actually a better deal than if you were to buy all of the components separately! These are our three top sellers:

Wellness Essentials is the basic pack, and is a great place to start if you’re unsure of whether you need to specify further. In addition to the multivitamin and omega-3, it has a tablet of D3 1000, which is the bioavailable form of vitamin D and is super important for those of us living in the Midwest!

Phytomulti: $36.95                          OmegaGenics: $31.95
D3 1000: $18.75

Wellness Essentials: $43.25

Wellness Essentials Women is more tailored toward, you guessed it, women’s specific health needs! Instead of the D3 1000, it has Extra Strength Cal Apatite Bone Builder to help women protect their bone density as they age. It still has the multivitamin and omega-3 supplements, however.

Phytomulti: $36.95                          OmegaGenics: $31.95
Cal Apatite: $29.25

Wellness Essentials Women: $58.75

Wellness Essentials Pregnancy has Metagenics’ Advanced Prenatal instead of the multivitamin, but still has the omega-3s, which are important for a developing baby’s brain. Choline also helps with his! Lastly, it has a Cal/Mag supplement which, in addition to helping maintain bone health, can help ease pregnancy-related leg cramps.

Prenatal: $47.25                                OmegaGenics: $31.95
Cal/Mag: $37.00                                Choline: specialized to this supplement
Dr. Eliason took this blend through her pregnancy!

Wellness Essentials Pregnancy: $64.75

Also available (and targeted toward specific needs:

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