Dr. Schmidt’s Healthy Tips

I am often asked what I like to do to stay healthy. I truly believe that health is about balance but here is my list of ways I try and stay healthy! Please feel free to ask any of our Doctors about what we would recommend for your particular condition.
-Dr. Brittany Schmidt

  • Receiving chiropractic care and acupuncture
    • It is so important to walk the talk. I GIVE chiropractic care daily and I love doing it but it is so vital to also pause and RECEIVE care. Like the old proverb goes, “Physician Heal Thyself.” On top of chiropractic care, acupuncture has also provided me with a powerful sense of health and balance.
  • Motion
    • I am quickly realizing that motion is key in living a healthy and happy life. Take a few moments to stretch in the morning, stretch when you’re at the office, take breaks at work, go for a walk sometime during the day, I promise your body will thank you!
    • Aside from stretching during the day, I practice yoga regularly! Yoga is full of benefits and has helped bring flexibility and restoration to my life. Yoga for me is challenging but makes me feel strong and almost capable of anything!
  • Good Nutrition and Supplementation
    • Nutrition
      • When it comes to nutrition balance is necessary! It’s all about making balanced and wise decisions throughout your day. I find being prepared and having healthy snacks readily available at the start of the week sets me up for success!
    • Turmeric ACV Tea
      • I started making a beverage that I believe has many benefits! I take a cup of hot water add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, mix in about a teaspoon of turmeric, a squeeze of lemon, a teaspoon of honey, and either a dash of cayenne pepper or cinnamon. This drink is a great detox with anti-inflammatory properties and immune benefits.
    • Multivitamins
      • Multivitamins are a great way to fill the nutritional gaps that we all have in our diet. I take Femessentials by Metagenics.
    • Vitamin D3
      • I was telling my friend (who is also a chiropractor) that I noticed some low energy and she instantly told me to have my vitamin D levels checked. I was shocked to find that they were incredibly low! As soon as I started supplementing with D3 I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt. I had more energy, I woke up feeling ready for the day, and my mood even seem to stabilize. Low Vitamin D can contribute to a whole host of health issues and living in Minnesota instantly increases you risk for having low Vitamin D levels. Now I’m asking almost all my patients if they have had their levels checked!
    • Probiotics
      • There is an increasing amount of evidence that shows how powerful the gut is. The gut is its own ecosystem and that relies on tiny microbes to keep advanced processes functioning. Sometimes those microbes need additional support which is why I take a probiotic and then support that probiotic through prebiotic foods.
    • I also take Gui Zhi Tang which is a Chinese herb that my acupuncturist recommended. Not only is the cinnamon flavor delicious but it is incredibly good for you, a warming drink that harmonizes Ying and can help with basic issues like the common cold to more advanced menstrual and women’s health issues. Speak to an acupuncturist for more information!
  • Emotional Health
    • I can be an emotional person at times, I actually think it is one of my strengths and helps me be a better health care provider! That being said, it is also important for me to keep my emotional self in check, and all the health tips above help with that. Emotional health is a part of health and it is necessary that we all find ways to express ourselves. I’ve incorporated these tools to help me stay present and emotionally health:
      • Practice Mindfulness. Check out Apps like Calm or Headspace, pick up a mindfulness book, or look up some YouTube videos—there are lots of resources available.
      • I love to write, it is a great way to process every day occurrences!
      • Practice Gratitude. Start your day with something you are grateful for.
      • Play Guitar/Listen to music. Finding a good hobby that relaxes you and making time for it can bring so much joy.
      • Have a good support system. Be vulnerable with others and create a group of people you can rely on!
      • Get good sleep. Our bodies need rest, honor that need by sticking to a schedule and making sure you’re getting enough sleep.

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