by Anna Miller, chiropractic intern

People often ask why babies even should go under chiropractic care– the answer is simple: Babies have a spine too, just like adults! If we can start them off with a well-functioning nervous system, they are sure to be set up for success as they grow. Furthermore, as a baby is developing inside their mother’s body, their positioning isn’t ideal for life outside the womb. During the delivery process, your baby has a tough job– they have to move around mom’s muscles, bones, and ligaments in order to come through the birth canal. They may also need to be manually extracted or assisted to come out. All of this can cause joint restriction, muscle and nerve pulls, and much more.
Other common conditions we routinely help with: difficultly latching, sleeping issues, colic, and ear infections (to name a few!).

There is a common misconception that chiropractic care for babies is unsafe. But what most people don’t know is that adjusting a little one is nothing like adjusting an adult. The amount of pressure applied for an adjustment is like checking a tomato for ripeness: a very gentle touch. In our office, we utilize an adjustment technique called Diversified method, which is the number 1 utilized method used by chiropractors. We also perform a thorough exam on your child that goes over physical functioning along with asking questions about aspects of their life, such as birth, eating, sleeping, digestion…  This ensures that we can come up with an individualized treatment plan to keep your kiddo well and help with acute symptoms.

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