How can I help my child with allergies naturally? Can chiropractic care help kids with allergies?

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Does your little one suffer from seasonal allergies? It’s hard enough watching your child sniffle and cough when they are sick, and allergies can be such a bummer for kids who want to be on the move! Here are some tips for helping children who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with the ragweed, pollen, mold, or other offending particles floating around in the air at certain times of the year.

Orthomolecular, a very reputable supplement company, makes a product called DHist. They also make a form for children called DHist Jr.! It contains nettles to help regulate the immune system, bromelain to break down allergens, quercetin to help prevent sinus and eye inflammation, n-acetylcysteine to thin out mucus, and Vitamin C to protect your nasal passages, deactivate histamine and boost immunity. What’s not to love? And DHist Jr. is chewable! We carry this at our office, and it’s 10% off through the month of September. *Always check with your doctor or your child’s pediatrician before starting new medications or supplements.

Saline nasal spray isn’t my son’s favorite congestion intervention, but it is really effective. You can buy a simple saline spray at most drugstores. Because it’s saline-only, you don’t have to worry about introducing any new pharmaceuticals into your child’s body. Saline helps with congestion by decreasing inflammation in the nasal passages, and when your child blows their nose after using the spray, they are also helping to flush unwanted allergens out. To go along with flushing out—it’s so important that your child stay well-hydrated, especially if they are struggling with seasonal allergies. Without enough water, our systems are very sluggish!

If possible, keep windows closed and air conditioning on when allergen counts are high. As tempting as it is to open your home to the crisp autumn breeze, the allergy-sufferers will thank you for keeping the air well-contained and filtered. You can find out which days have high allergen counts at

There are some acupressure points you can do or teach your child, as well. The first is at the sides of the nostrils, right where the nose meets the cheek. The second is at the inner, thicker parts of the eyebrow. They don’t need to press hard, just gently stimulate these areas to help relieve sinus pressure. You can watch a video of an acupuncturist explaining these points here:

But Dr. Eliason, you might be wondering, Can chiropractic care help with allergy symptoms? Yes! If there are issues with the biomechanics of the cervical/neck vertebra, the musculoskeletal system is not functioning optimally. The lymphatic system depends on well-functioning muscles for proper movement and flow, so a neck adjustment can help with lymphatic drainage. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you need to blow your nose right after an adjustment? If your child experiences breathing difficulties with their allergies (and please, if this is the case, co-treat with their pediatrician) mobilizing the thoracic spine (the upper and middle back) can help them breathe easier. Many chiropractors, including myself, can help work those sinus acupressure points as well!

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