Dr. Alyx Coleman

Dr. Coleman grew up in Woodbury, Minnesota and graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. In her last semester of school, she served as a chiropractic intern here at Langford Chiropractic, where she was able to make the smooth transition from student to provider! While receiving her bachelors degree in biology from Mankato State University, she worked as a chiropractic assistant for 3 years where she solidified her passion for healing and the chiropractic profession.

As someone who has been active her entire life, she enjoys treating athletes of all ages or those who are looking to live a more active and balanced life. Dr. Coleman has a passion for students and understands personally the physical toll school can bring on our bodies like low back pain, headaches and overall stress. Through lifestyle changes, ergonomic adjustments, and nutrition counseling she works to ensure her student patients are feeling their best while achieving their goals. As a member of the American Black Chiropractic Association since 2018, she has been devoting her time and energy to increasing and promoting the diversity of not only the profession, but the community of people seeking chiropractic care. She also enjoys treating TMJ disorders, improving muscle imbalances and those who are interested in incorporating chiropractic care into their everyday lives.

In The Office: 

Tuesday: 8am-5pm

Wednesday: 12pm-6pm

Thursday: 8am-5pm

Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday by appointment.


Email: alyx@langfordchiropractic.com